The ‘On Purpose’ approach

We believe that the purpose of an organization is why it exists in the first place, and is directly linked to its heritage and history.

On Purpose offers a unique suite of services to assist organisations develop or restore their core purpose:

Purpose Specific
  1. Purpose Diagnostics
  2. Purpose scoping and planning
  3. Employee engagement and cultural change
  4. Executive purpose coaching

Team Building
  1. Bespoke team building program that benefits the community

Social Responsibility
  1. Program review
  2. Strategic redesign to align community investment with business direction
  3. Community and employee engagement
  4. Aboriginal liaison and Rapid Assessment Procedures (RAP development)

Diagnosing the need

Purpose is not only a great basis to work from, we also believe that it is vital if an organization is to continue to be profitable and retain the best people. If people don’t believe in what they are doing, they won’t do it well.

Find out how purposeful your organization is


Case studies

Skype’s purpose to be ‘the fabric of real time communication on the web’, and RSPCA’s is to ‘Prevent suffering and cruelty to all animals’. 

CSR and Purpose
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about creating value for business and society.

Any organization would like to think that they are enabling their employees to work to the best of their ability, offering recognition, rewarding, developing, nurturing - the list goes on. Many organisations are also well aware of the business case for being socially responsible. But how many organisations successfully leverage the potential of employee engagement and corporate responsibility to differentiate themselves as a business?

On Purpose believes that often CSR programs, volunteering and or philanthropic programs do not quench many individuals’ emotional thirst. At best they can offer a small group of people an opportunity for some new experiences. At worst these programs may only serve to remind employees of the abyss between what the organization says it stand for and what they can access as individuals.
On Purpose develops solutions that bring the world of corporate responsibility closer to the core of what organizations do. Our initiatives address business needs by tapping in to an organization’s most valuable asset – its people. In doing so, we help to motivate, empower and inspire.