About Us

Mark and Virginia have worked together for many years and have great pride in the achievements they have helped create with communities across the world.

Dr Mark Glazebrook   
Chief Purpose Officer

Mark is an innovator, inventor and business leader. He excels in embracing the uncommon and finding opportunity where others see challenge. His unique track record as Head of Social Responsbility for a major energy company saw him address social and environmental issues includes building teams that build communities, creating sustainable jobs for homeless people and establishing food retailing that benefits the community. For his work, Mark has received a Prime Minister's Award for Aboriginal Advancement and a Global Award by BP for his work with reducing petrol sniffing amongst remote communities.

Mark believes that Corporate Responsibility has a hidden dimension that is untapped and that needs to be harnessed; a deeper search for meaning. He now runs On Purpose, a niche consultancy that helps organisations get to the heart of why they exist, enabling them to best harness their people to align to a greater good.

What other people say...

Jackie Fionda,  Global Vice President of Marketing – Retail, BP

Mark is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met in business. 

He is heap full of integrity and the fine human feeling for other beings - which so often can get squashed from the days agenda. The first time I met him he made a (sizeable and rather excellent) cake of Australia to demonstrate the geography to me - the visiting brit. His social programmes are highly creative and thoughtful and he has a steely determination to get it done AND do the right thing in the process. I genuinely believe Mark would add most unusual value to any business he fronts or joins. I hope I get to work with him again in future - it would make everything smarter and everything better

Professor Marcia Langton, Respected Indigenous Leader and Chair of Indigenous Studies University of Melbourne

It has been my pleasure to work closely with Mark Glazebrook over several years, supporting him with his work in developing and rolling out the supply of Opal fuel to help reduce petrol sniffing amongst remote communities and more recently as an advisor to BP on its first Reconciliation Action Plan. Mark . I hope that you find a suitable opportunities that allows you to find expression for your outstanding skills in dealing with very difficult situations. Your work on Opal was heroic and nation-building. I cannot thank you enough for giving me an opportunity to see you work at close hand.

Virginia Philps
Senior Associate

Virginia is a Corporate Anthropologist. Following extensive fieldwork in Argentina, she joined the WPP Group in London, working on employee engagement strategies and brand development for FTSE 100 companies. Seven years within BP Plc saw her harness the potential within corporate responsibility and social investment to engage and empower internal and external audiences. Three years of managing award-winning Sustainability Reports and she was still hungry for challenge. A secondment to Papua saw her establish an indigenous Papuan communications team and inaugural radio station in remotest Bintuni Bay, within the Integrated Social Programmes team.  She left the corporate world in 2006 to deepen her experience within the non-governmental sector, supporting social innovation, rural education initiatives and start-up community development foundations. Her Social Performance work has taken her across the world from Argentina to Alaska, Azerbaijan to Egypt, Brazil and now Australia.

Virginia believes that people deserve to feel inspired by and enthralled at work. Through On Purpose, she enables employees to think big, and connect with their personal drivers at work, thus reaping rewards for the organisation. She excels in helping to close the gap between personal fulfilment and career advancement and showing people that they do not have to choose.

What is Purpose?
We believe that at the heart of Corporate Social Responsibility and its many varieties is a very human need for employees, managers and even CEOs to find a deeper purpose to what they do every minute of every day.

Purpose is why you get out of bed in the morning or go the extra mile for people. It’s what makes you believe that you can achieve something great. Steve Jobs called it ‘leaving a dent in the universe.’

If this doesn’t describe you or your workplace then something is missing. When a company and its employees are driven by a clear purpose, employee retention improves. Customer relations strengthen and individuals feel empowered to innovate. It is what attracts employees to work for you. It is what sets you apart from your competitors. 

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